Dharma And The Metta Map




Dharma And The Metta Map is both the centerpiece of the Metta System, and the vehicle we use to present the information in this book. The Metta Map was developed as a teaching device by Dr. Barbara Wright. It was designed as a tool for conflict resolution, and has been used successfully for the past ten years, both intra-personally and inter-personally, in various applications such as clinical, family, corporate, and others. It became apparent that the Metta Map represents the entirety of the Dharma, which is embedded in both its structure and content, and that it can be used as a navigational tool for learning and teaching the Dharma. It is our hope that this book, which synthesizes the core teachings of the Buddha, will be a joyful adventure that increases your Dharma knowledge and moves you forward your own path. Visit www.metta4all.com Dr. Barbara Wright is the author of “The Metta System: The Map, The Formula, and The Equations.” Dr. Stephen Long is the co-author of “Thus We Heard: Recollections of the Life of the Buddha.”


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