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Over the centuries, a great deal of material has been written about the destruction, sorrow, suffering, and trauma that are experienced as the consequences of war, abuse, illness, crime, family strife, etc., and how it disenfranchises us from one another, drives us into emotional isolation, and makes us appear as less than human in the eyes of the other, be it the victim or the perpetrator.  These roles of victim and perpetrator can be assumed by individuals, families, cultures, races, religions, political ideologies, and nations.  They persist until there is a clear understanding and acceptance or Right View of what has transpired.  Until this is achieved, they always leave those involved outside the oneness of humanity, and under the cloud of pervasive fear.

My first intention in writing this paper is to explore with the Metta Map how the Buddhist Principles of Right View and overcoming ignorance are critical in the treatment of trauma.  My second intention in writing this paper is to explore how our heart, our humanity, must be opened to all parties in this process of recovery if it is to be successful.  My third intention in writing this paper is to explore the integrated mental, emotional, and energetic transformations that occur when reconciliation moves into atonement through Right Action.

As we traverse the squares of the Metta Map we will explore the multi-dimensional phenomena of the neurology and physiology of the body, and the mental and emotional releases that are concurrent in the process of healing.  This is a transformational progression, and is the key to releasing trauma and elevating the individual to a new state of being.