About Us

METTA 4 ALL About Us

“Compassionate Communication is the foundation for all Health.”

You are invited to join the community of compassionate peacemakers by aligning yourselves, your homes, and your workplaces with the practical empowerment of the Formula, the Equations, and the Metta Map.  This invitation is a 21st century world-wide experience.

This web site is a place where you can share both your successes and your challenges as you expand your Fields of Compassion, Understanding, and Commitment in the ever-changing, multi-dimensional reality of your daily life.

In addition, you are invited to explore the companion books and future publications, which will have applications for specific relationships (e.g. child development, marriage, women’s health concerns, therapy in all its permutations, education, business, addiction, life transitions, and more).  We also invite you to participate in hosting a variety of events, such as presentations with a Metta Mentor as co-host, workshops, retreats, and study groups where the materials are amplified as they continue to evolve.

For those of you who would like further advanced education towards becoming a Metta Mentor, Metta Facilitator or Metta Master, there is a certification program for progressive levels of training.

Now that you are on the road to True Happiness, which is our life’s journey, it is your turn to share this information by inviting others to join you on the Map.  By practicing your new skills, your Field of Compassion will further expand, bringing you the abundant blessings of Gratitude over Greed and the Quality of Life you desire.

It works!

I look forward to hearing from you,

With Loving-Kindness,

Dr. Barbara Wright 

Out of over 30 years of practice as a clinical Psychologist, Dr. Barbara R. Wright created Metta4All using Buddhist Psychology and its signature elements (intention, impermanence, and compassion) as the foundation for The Metta Map and the Metta System.