Barbara Wright, Ph.D.

METTA 4 ALL Barbara Wright, Ph.D.

Barbara Wright, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist based in Laguna Beach, California. She has been in private practice for over 30 year. During this time she has developed a method and system of compassionate communication for skillful conflict resolution, be it intrapersonal or interpersonal for individuals, couples, families, schools and corporative situations. This method, Metta4All, is the culmination of her life’s work as a speech therapist and clinical psychologist.

Dr. Wright received her doctorate from United States International University, when the faculty included, Max Learner the great American historian who loved the moral fiber of America and Dr Viktor Frankl the Author of Mans Search for Meaning and great German psychiatrist and philosopher, Dr. Anwar Dill, Indian Scholar and diplomat to the United Nation, Dr. Hans Weir served as legal counsel at t war crimes trials ; as well a with a other gifted faculty in an intimate seminar setting.

Her first career was that of a Speech Therapist as such Dr. Wright developed the first school for multiply handicapped children in Mexico, upon her returned to California she become the Speech and Language director of Laguna Beach Unified School District, there she develop a rich program for children K through 12 with a special magnet program for children with aphasia and autism. These programs encouraged parent participation as well as home visits.

As a psychologist her private and hospital career gave her the opportunity in both medical and psychiatric settings. Where she provided service for patient and their families in every department of the hospital. In the late 80’s she created a cardiac care and prevention program Interlude (A Pause for Health) for cardiac patients and their families, This residential program was a first in the field of cardiology, where couples came together to learned how to live a heart recovery healthy life. The staff included a brilliant medical, nutritional, recreational and psychological team providing a safe environment to explore the complex issues for cardiac health before and after a cardiac incident.

During this time she served as adjunct professor and mentor to psychiatric and psychology interns at Capistrano by the Sea, South Coast Community Hospital and CPC hospitals. She was the first psychologist to be Chief of Staff of a free stand psychiatric hospital.

Dr. Wright’s work has taken her to Asia, South America, Europe and India the befits of Metta4All have generated T.V. and radio opportunities for sharing this rich and amazing process. Compassionate Communication, without shame, blame or guilt, The foundation for all wellness.

corporative situations. This method, Metta4All, is the culmination of her life’s work as a speech therapist and clinical psychologist.