Our Services & Metta Method Workshops

Introduction to the Metta Method

The Formula for True Happiness and the Equations that support True Happiness

  • Anyone interested in successful conflict resolution and stress reduction strategies (mental, physical and spiritual)

9-4pm with a lunch break Day Work Shops

Morning is educational, while the afternoon is experiential

Comes with a copy of the Metta Map. The Equations & Metta Book will be available for purchase.

Individual Growth with the Metta Method

The Power of the Pause a Time for Choosing

  • People who want to do self development work in an expeditious method

9-4 pm

Family Harmony with the Metta Method Weekend Workshop

Never Stand Alone Means Never Being Afraid.

  • Opportunity for families to explore the unique value of each family member, how to be supportive while attending the complex dimension of family dynamics

  • Relationships rise and fall on please and thank you

  • 2 Parallel work shops Adults and Children (10 and over)

    • 1st Day 9-4pm parents in one workshop and children in the other

    • 2nd Day 9-12pm Family experiential integration

Children Love the Metta

Freedom to grow with Kindness

  • Opportunity for parents to learn compassionate communication to learn the power of the pause, the breath and how to think about it differently to be more skillful in their interactions in reducing their stressors for both parent and child.

  • 9-12pm

    • Series (Bullying, The Sensitive Child, The Child on Spectrum, The Class Clown)

Business and Corporate Workshops

Leadership Compassion Supports Success

  • Corporate/Start Up

    • 2 Full Day Work Shop 9am-4pm

    • 1 type of work shop is to goal would be to leave with a foundation for a compassionate corporate culture

    • Metta Method restructure

      • Reorganizing and visiting the strengths and deficits

      • Take away would be a revitalized corporate structure

Kindness is Cost Effective

  • Metta Create a Productive Corporation

    • 1 Day workshop 9-4pm

    • The statistical economic benefits of kindness in the work place