Brittany Mason has been practicing a Metta lifestyle for over 15 years. She was introduced to both the Metta Method and Dr. Wright in 2002 and has practiced Metta while being supervised by Dr. Wright ever since.

Brittany graduated from Bond University, in Queensland, Australia, where she received her Bachelor of Arts with majors in advertising and public relations, and minors in communication and philosophy.
After completing her studies, she continued to travel the world and work in public relations, living in Puerto Rico, Colombia, New York, Tanzania and South Africa. In 2012, while living in Brooklyn, New York, Brittany developed a deep meditation practice that led her to becoming an accredited 200-hour certified Yoga Instructor.

Britt’s non-traditional nomadic lifestyle provided her with a deep respect and appreciation for all people and cultural differences. Leaving her with stories that demonstrate her ability to navigate life using the trio of Mind, Heart and Energy intelligence.

Currently she is the Director of the The Metta Method and primary Metta Coach.