About Us

About Us

In 2005 the synthesis of Dr. Wright’s career birthed The Metta Method as a tool for Compassionate Communication and Conflict Resolution with that came theMetta Map, the Metta Formula for True Happiness, and the Metta Equations for skillful navigating .We have traveled the world sharing these skills with great success guest speaking, coaching, workshop, classrooms, and continuing education. Join us as we develop True Happiness..

In regards to 1-on-1 Mentoring…

“Brittany was the first loud and empowered female voice in my life. She wasn’t living for a relationship or an end result; she was practicing living in the moment, harnessing her power and using it without being apologetic. This was a new concept for me and Britt’s abrupt delivery and ability to break through barriers helped me to see the cloud I had been living in for so long.

I couldn’t recommend anyone higher as your Metta Coach. Because helping people find their truth is truly her path.”

Alison Roberto, Director | Creative Director

“I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to start working with Britt. At the time I was in a lull – feeling like I wanted to progress, but it just wasn’t happening. That’s no longer the case – in what felt like no time Britt helped me reset, reframe, and reprogram. And despite being thousands of miles away (she’s in California and I’m in Georgia), Britt found a way to genuinely connect, to help identify my personal roadblocks and barriers, and to assist me in pushing through the noise! I am so grateful for my Metta Coach Britt – she has inspired, motivated, and helped me to create the life that I want!”

Christopher Taylor , Career Coach | Author | Seen in – WSJ, Muse, Forbes

From a Company Client…

“Brittany has the ability to understand how a business with varying cultures operates internally on a day-to-day basis. Many of our employees are first generation immigrants from Central and South America. Brittany’s work and experience with the local tribes in Tanzania allowed her to seamlessly work alongside, support, and understand the cultural needs of our employees from multicultural backgrounds.

Brittany is an energetic, enthusiastic, charismatic and an overall hardworking person! Brittany is also delightfully authentic and unique. I firmly believe that any organization or person would be greatly benefitted by the addition of Brittany Mason. It is with the highest esteem I recommend Metta Coach Brittany Mason.”

Eric Goedhart, CEO CG Partners LLC