What is the Metta Method

A method for direct problem solving and conflict resolution derived from Buddhist principles of compassion, impermanence and integrity. Its components include the Metta Map, the Formula for True Happiness and Metta Equations.


Function of Metta

Calming the nervous system and decreasing the activation of mental and physical trauma. Developing Metta Skills also teaches how to liberate old, interfering habits and beliefs and replace them with new understandings that produce a lighter heart, clearer mind, and a more energized sprit.

Definition of Metta

Derived from the ancient Indian language, Pali, Metta means loving-kindness, good will or universal benevolence for all beings.

The Science of Metta

The Metta Method’s origins are rooted in ancient wisdom and integrate the sciences of neurology, biology, chemistry, and psychology with the mystery of the human experience.

Who Use the Metta Method

People and Organizations in transition

Individuals with our with out families.

Couples married or not.

Companies of any size.

The Human Process

The foundation.

Metta Map, the Formulas and the Equations

Metta Map, the Formulas and the Equations

When these elements are combined they generate an understanding of Metta and how to integrate Metta more deeply into your daily life..

One of a Kind

The only system that addresses all levels of human processing into an integrative method.

Cognition | Visual | Auditory | Tactile | Muscle Memory | Cellular Memory | Body Posture | Tonality | Cadence | Vibrational Energy

The Metta Method is growing in popularity

(1) It is practical in the modern world

(2) It can be learned in a relatively short period of time

(3)The Metta Method is not limited to age, gender, religion, or culture, and can be practiced by those with all degrees of physical and mental ability.



Wherever there is stress and/or conflict there is a place for the Metta Method. Once integrated these skills help reduce stress and resolve conflict, providing more peace in your life and a healthier you.

The Metta Map

Seeing possibilities

The Metta Map is a multidimensional phenomena where you can enhance intellectual, emotional and neuromuscular pathways thereby expanding awareness for personal choices. (picture of map or hyperlink to map)

The Equations

Are Universal

When the Equations are used with the Metta Map they are supportive tools that help explore our intentions, goals, and expand possibilities for considerations in the present moment and for the future.

The result of a Metta Method life style Life Span

Reduce stress, free yourself from old interfering habits and beliefs, and cultivate new understandings that produce a lighter heart, a clearer mind and an energized spirit. By reducing stress you biologically boost your immune system and develop new neuron-pathways.

Life Span

Reduce stress, liberating old interfering habits and beliefs; replacing them with new understanding that produce a lighter heart, a clearer mind and an energized spirit. By reducing stress you biologically boost your immune system, while neurologically developing new neuron-pathways.


While many self help methods provide ways to identify your life’s conflicts and mysteries the Metta Method assists you with the ability to navigate more successfully your own path and your future.

The Metta Method was designed to reveal the strength of conflict and its origin, then the practitioner guides themselves to the remedy.


The Metta Method can be practiced by people 12 years of age and older, of any faith, belief, gender, culture or physical or mental ability.


It would be helpful to Explore the formula for True Happiness:

I to the 3rd Impermanence Intention Integrity + Compassion – Attachment to Outcome = True Happiness

Taking a moment to consider Intentions as free will expressed, the only thing we have control over or who you are when you act. For the Metta Method to be successful clear intention is critical. Beyond intention there are too many variables in life out of our control. Integrality, the degree of honesty to self and others is critical to your success and well-being.

Accepting that everything is impermanent reduces disappointment. When you trust in the process you can give up attachment to outcome you become free to be creative and honest without fear of judgment, shame or guilt.

In the Metta process you may decide with new knowledge that past idea or behaviors are not desirable for replication, and to continue would be shameful. (this is insight and wisdom)

Too often blame, shame, and guilt are used indiscriminately in many forms of human dialog, either with ourselves or with others, the goal being to seek advantage or harm, consciously or unconsciously, to ourselves or another. This behavior shatters kindness and is incompatible with the process of The Metta Map, The Formulas and Equations for True Happiness.

We wish all of you Metta, that you may be happy, live well, with peace in your Heart free from fear, anger, greed, envy and despair.